Help me get back on the ice

Thank you for visiting my page and getting to know more about me, my case and my fundraising. My name is Danique Akkerman and on this website I write about my ice hockey career and this fundraising. I hope this gives you a clear image of what is going on and why I need your help. In From Warrior to Chief you can read about my ice hockey career and how I fell in love with the sport. Trouble in paradise explains what happened during my ice hockey ‘career’ in Leuven until I knew the true problem. This problem is explained in Transfer fee, where you can read about the rules that apparently apply to me and why I need to pay the fee. In Fundraising I talk about my decision to start this fundraising and why I need your help.

Again, thank you for your time to take a look at my situation. If you want to help me by donating any amount (every penny counts), please take a look at Donate, or check if there are (also) Other ways to help. You can see how much money is already donated and learn about the advancement of the funding at Funding so far.


I would be very thankful if you would share this website and my story with others, too. You can find a share on Facebook button below here, as well as a button for twitter and other social media.